I make portraits based on any photograph of your choice. Each drawing and painting is 100% made by me, by hand, start to finish, with quality materials. .

Ordering info: 

Once you have chocen a photograph, want help with choosing one, or wish to get a price-estimate of your photograph, please contact me via e-mail;  sinijedesign@hotmail.com, or through my facebook page Sinije Design.
Please enclose as much information as possible regarding your wishes relating to the drawing/painting, like size, style, medium, etc.

The next step will be me replying to you with estimated prices, and answers to any questions you may have, and we can discuss your order further.

When the photo, size, and style, etc, are chocen, we will agree on a month/week when I will be making your portrait (normally 2-4 weeks ahead). NOTICE; If your order has a deadline, for example going to be a present and needs to be delivered by a certain date, please remember to let me know, so that we can make sure the portrait is drawn and delivered well in time.
Once the order has been placed, I will contact you at the agreed upon time, at which point payment will be taken care of, and I start working on your order, and ship it to you within a week.

Sizes & mediums; 

The basic available sizes;
A4 ( 8.3 x 11.7)
A3 (11.7 x 16.5)
A2 (16.5 x 23.4)
+ almost any custom size is available upon request.

The most popular medium for my portraits is pencil, but I also offer portraits done in ink, color pencils, watercolors, and acrylic paint. As of 2016 I will also be making oil paintings.

Pricing of the portraits

A high contrast portrait

The prices of my portraits vary depending on several factors; size, medium, style, number of subjects in the portrait, and the amount of detail. The higher the detail, and number of subjects, the higher the price. I recommend browsing through my previous work, to see all the different techniques and styles, to find the perfect one for you.

– The most affordable options are the high contrast portraits, which are light, and exquisite. They have a more delicate and fine-art -feel to them, than the more realistic options I offer.

A realistic portrait
A photorealistic portrait

– In the middle of the price-ranges lie the realistic portraits, which are fully based on your photograph, but the details aren’t as visible, as in the more photorealistic option.






– Last but not least, come the extremely photorealistic portraits, which are at the top of the priceranges. This option will bring out every single detail to perfection, and make the drawing come alive. For this option, the original photograph also has to be good quality.

The background of the drawing will also affect the price. You can choose any background you want for the drawing, or no background at all.

The most common prices for pencil- and pen-portraits are between 120-600$
Watercolors and acrylics 120-400$

Shipping for A4 sized and smaller is 10$
A3 size and larger 15$ ->

I package the drawings carefully, in a plastic pocket, and ship them in a sturdy cardboard-envelope, with tape around for support. I do recommend getting the ”handle carefully / fragile” -service which the postal office offers, for an extra 10$ , as I am not reliable for what happens to the package while it’s being shipped, and it’s always good to make extra sure it doesn’t get creased, especially when shipped across the globe.
I do not take returns, nor refund your money, once the order is placed, payment is required as agreed upon, and I will draw/paint your order as agreed, and ship it to you.

Choosing the photograph

Choosing the perfect photograph for a portrait can be tricky, especially if you have several options to choose from. Do not worry, I will be more than happy to help! If you wish, you can send me your photographs to; sinijedesign@hotmail.com, and ask for my opinion, as to which one would turn out the best as a portrait.

Would you like to have for example 2-3 dogs drawn in the same portrait, but you don’t have a picture with all of them in it? Worry not, as I can combine several photographs into one portrait.

Some good tips for choosing a photograph;

– Eyes
I always focus the most on drawing the eyes, as I want each subjects personality and soul to shine clearly through. If there is a ray of light or a small reflection in them, it makes the drawing really come alive, and sparkle.

– The quality of the photo
Sometimes an old photograph, or a picture taken with a mobile is really close to your heart. In this case you have take into consideration that if a photo is unclear, foggy, or pixelated, it is close to impossible to get a sharp and photorealistic reasult. But again, do not worry! In this case I recommed either opting for a smaller size, or choosing the high contrast, or realistic optio for your portrait.

– Emotional attachment
A portrait is always more dear and valuable to one, if it holds a special meaning, has a significance, or is related to a specific time, place, event.

It  doesn’t have to be a typical portrait, it can be funny, special, whimsical, unique. Something that will really catch the eye, and make you smile every time you look at it.

– Lighting
Pictures taken in daylight, or with proper lighting always turn out the best. When trying to take a picture of your pet, try to do it in daylight, rather than inside, you will absolutely notice the difference! (plus it’s a good way to get those gorgeous reflections in the eyes)

… if you have any questions, feedback, or anything at all you wish to discuss, feel free to contact me!

– Sinije



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